Delivery & Return Policy

Delivery Policy

Argyle Floral Home and Garden is solely responsible for the delivery of their goods. We do not use outside services to deliver our products that are salable on the website. Our delivery driver will only deliver if someone is present at the delivery location for hand-off. If no one is present, Argyle Floral Home and Garden will bring the purchased goods back to the shop and re-attempt delivery at a later date or communicate with the buyer to find a secondary alternative method.

Returns & Exchange Policy

Argyle Floral Home and Garden does NOT accept returns and exchanges for flower arrangements, flower bouquets, florals or nursery plants. Since we deliver all of our salable goods or allow for in-store pick-up, Argyle Floral Home and Garden assures customer satisfaction at the moment of good exchange. Argyle Floral Home and Garden DOES accept returns within (10) calendar days in exchange for store credit for sales of any non-living salable good.

Time of Sale

The Delivery Policy and Returns and Exchange Policy are active upon the time of sale. The time of sale is the moment of currency exchange for salable goods.